An Old Timer's Opinion | James Colozzo
I have my opinion and you have yours.

In the old days when you had a donut with someone at the donut shop the conversation could get heated with a difference of opinion. That is the idea behind this page. The difference is you have to pay to comment because I have no way of knowing if you are trying to help or destroy me because of my opinions. Also if someone pays to comment you know they are genuine. Why would you pay to leave bogus comments? Free comments are not reliable because they can be manipulated. Unfortunately in this day and age people want to destroy you for your opinion. That is the way society has become, so if you want to destroy me for my opinions it will cost the price of a donut, $0.99 for each comment on my opinion. I need to survive just like you and everyone else.

I know a lot of websites offer this service for free and make make it sound like it is a new idea. I believe, “What is old is new.” This concept of debate has been around for a very long time and people have been doing it for many years and generations. Unfortunately today the debate has turned to destroy all differences of opinion. That is not “free speech,” that is a dictatorship. Silencing of opinion is not the United States of America, it is a dictatorial country where the population has no freedom and its sole purpose is to service the government and its officials. We are not there yet but I fear we are getting close to it.

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