James Colozzo is the author of internationally sold “You Got To Do What You Got To Do,” My Experience Taking Care Of My Parents For Over Twenty Years.

The story of a son who cared for his elderly parents, the way it affected his life and how his experience is a challenge for Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Caring for an elderly parent is a potential crisis for Baby Boomers to Millennials. This decision is usually made after an emergency and you have no time to think of the work involved. For many it is a ticking time bomb for personal disaster. I am an example of what can happen even if you have a plan.

•I want to warn the unaware that have no idea of this topic and how it can affect their life.

•I detail the consequences and needs of being the full time caregiver of my parents plus the aftermath to my life.

•I learned Medicare and supplemental insurance doesn’t cover everything.

•I paid a price taking care of my elderly parents because it affected my relationship with family members and friends.

•I did it all; changed the diapers, gave the baths, cleaned the wounds, the lifting and more, 24/7 without any breaks.

•Suffered extreme financial hardship because I was unable to work while being a caregiver and now at age 57 trying to rebuild my life.

For over 20 years I dealt with lung disease, diabetes, various cancers, a spinal condition, immobility, many other ailments, and ultimately, death. I did whatever job had to be done pleasant or disgusting. As the cover shows “An average person dealing with an enormous challenge,” and the title says it all, “You Got To Do What You Got To Do.”

Most people only think of the daily routines is all you need to do to take care of a parent. There is a lot more to being a caregiver than just feeding your parent dinner and it’s a tremendous responsibility. This is also the story of how much my life was affected and changed forever after I made the decision to care for my parents. You never hear about the aftermath of the caregiver and what happened to their life after they no longer had to care for a parent. For me it has been extremely difficult trying to put my life back together.

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