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Ask A Old Timer Is About…

Asking about real life experiences.
Asking about home repairs, gardening, surviving and other topics.
Asking about how things were done before computers, smart phones and tablets.
Asking about how things were done before any electronics devices.
Asking about the way things were done before Social Media.
Asking about how things were done before “How To” videos.
Asking about when people actually talked to one another, face to face.
Asking about when people actually did things in person, not online.
Asking about when people actually thought for themselves.
Asking about when you asked an old timer with knowledge and experience for advice.
Asking about when people learned from trial and error.
And Asking about more…

Most social media want you to think of us old timers as dummies or buffoons because we are old fashioned and do things the old way from knowledge being passed down through generations. Old timers think of technology as a tool, not a way of life.

The so called “How To” videos on social media or video channels force you to conform to their way of doing things. Those solutions are paid by advertisers promoting certain products and services or by groups promoting an agenda. Nothing substitutes the knowledge, experience and wisdom of an old timer. The wealth of information from an old timer is being replaced and destroyed by technology and agendas.

I learned the old fashioned way by trial and error and from old timers that had knowledge and experience past down through generations.

In the old days you had a cup of coffee with someone that had knowledge and you were seeking advice. If you needed more advice you had a piece of pie with the coffee as you picked the brain of an experienced timer. He would answer your questions until you understood. If the answer really helped you out, the next time you saw the old timer you bought him something extra.

I know a lot of modern websites make it sound like this is a new idea. I believe, “What is old is new.” This concept of buying coffee and pie has been around for a very long time and people have been doing it for many years and generations.

I spent a lot of time drinking coffee and having a piece of pie with an old timer.
Now it’s my turn.

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